This is a stay-at-home (or office) "bodyshop"
You can "buy" the perfect "fit" of Pilates exercises tailored just for you.
-Whether you're a fit athlete who wants non-impact core and muscle-strengthening for overall conditioning and injury prevention OR a new mom getting back in shape, a pre- or post-menopausal woman seeking to stave off bone loss, or ANYONE who wants "ripped" abs and a real "power lunch" workout -- PILATES IS FOR YOU.

Pilates develops muscular strength without the bulk of trad'l bodybuilding, which can create an appearance of shorter limbs by contracting muscles.  However, Pilates combined with trad'l weight training stretches muscles, creating a lean physique.  We can work to balance a cross-training program, improving stamina, balance and coordination.

Pilates is not a miracle "cure" but Founder Joseph Pilates said:  "After 10 sessions, feel better; after 20, look better; after 30, a new body."

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-Certified by American Aerobic Ass. Internat'l & Internat'l Sports Med. Ass.
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